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Choosing a hotel in  according to your preferences and financial capabilities in Kazan will not be difficult, there are hundreds of offers. We bring you some of the best-reviewed and best-located hotels. From each hotel from this list, a transfer to the Kazan Expo IEC will be organized during the days of the exhibition.

Offers are valid when ordering through our operator.

  • Chaliapin Palace Hotel

    University Street, 7
    From 4,800 ₽ per day
    • Wi-Fi
    • Fitness Center
    • Indoor pool
    • Spa
    • 24-hour check-in counter

    The ideal solution for travelers who appreciate considered solutions, convenient location and a calm atmosphere. These rooms are a practical choice for both business and vacation.

    Chaliapin Palace Hotel
  • Korston Tower

    N.Ershova Street, 1
    From 4,599 ₽ per day
    • Wi-Fi
    • Parking
    • Fitness Center
    • Indoor pool
    Korston is a hotel shopping and entertainment complex that operates 24/7. In the complex you can find everything: a hotel, a cinema, restaurants, a children's park, a business center, etc. Gorky Park is located within walking distance
    Korston Tower
  • Olymp

    Richard Sorge Street, 66B
    From 3,800 ₽ per day
    • Wi-Fi
    • Parking
    • Bar

    The hotel is made in a single design, in a style associated with Greece and sports. This corresponds to the unified concept of the city: "Kazan is a city of sports and victories." A variety of services, attentive personnel, compliance with international standards makes it possible to consider the OLYMP Hotel as an international hotel.

  • Crystal Hotel

    Yahina Street, 8
    From 3,550 ₽ per day
    • Wi-Fi
    • Parking
    • Bar

    A modern hotel complex located within walking distance from the Kazan railway station.

    Crystal Hotel

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The offers are valid when ordering through our operator

Kazan Expo

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