Международная агропромышленная выставка Агроволга
The AGROVOLGA exhibition is held in the historic region - the Republic of Tatarstan. Participation in the exhibition is a great opportunity to combine business and tourist trips. We have developed the most popular routes for you.

Sightseeing tour of Kazan

Guided tour of the city with a 1000-year history, including a walking tour of the Kazan Kremlin and the Old Tatar Sloboda.

The starting point of the walking tour is the Kazan Kremlin, a unique monument of nature and landscape, urban planning and architecture, archeology, history and culture. The Kazan Kremlin is a witness to the thousand—year history of the civilization of the Kazan Tatars and their ancestors - the Volga Bulgars. During the tour, guests will walk around the complex, see the Spasskaya and Taynitsky Towers, the leaning tower of Syuyumbike, the beautiful Kul Sharif Mosque, the Governor's Palace and the Palace Church, and also learn many legends and stories about the Kazan Kremlin. During the tour, you can walk along Kremlevskaya Street – one of the oldest streets of Kazan, where almost every house is a historical monument.

The first step is the Kazan Kremlin. While visiting this complex, guests will see:

Kul Sharif Mosque – the main mosque of the city and the republic;

  • Spasskaya Tower – the main gates of the Kremlin;
  • Kul Sharif Mosque – the main mosque of the city and the republic;
  • the building of the Cadet Military School;
  • Annunciation Cathedral;
  • Cannon Yard;
  • Residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan (Governor's Palace);
  • The symbol of Kazan - the famous "falling" tower of  khan's wife Syuyumbike.
  • In the continuation of the tour, guests will see:

    • Kremlin Embankment of Kazan and the Palace of Agriculture;
    • Kazan University;
    • Freedom Square - the cultural and administrative center of Kazan;
    • Bogoroditsky Monastery and its shrine - Kazan icon of the Mother of God;
    • Kazan "Cup" - Family center "Kazan";
    • Sports facilities of Kazan;
    • Tatar village "Tugan Avylym" (translation "native village");
    • Fairytale palace - puppet theater "Ekiyat".
    The second stop is the Old Tatar Sloboda with ancient Tatar mosques. As part of the tour you will see:
    • houses of noble citizens of Kazan who lived in the "Tatar part": The House of Shamil, Yunusov-Apanaev and Vali, as well as the House of Kushaev and the House of Mullin. The Blue Mosque, the Marjani Mosque, the Burnaevskaya and the Sennaya Cathedral Mosques are regarded as the pearls of the Old Tatar Sloboda; 
    • rows of old shopping stalls;
    • The legendary Kaban Lake and its new embankment;
    • The building-sailboat of the Tatar Academic Theater named after G. Kamal.
    The duration of the tour is 3 hours. Cost:

    1. For a group of up to 5 people – 2400r/person (minivan)

    2. For a group of up to 15 people – 1000r/person (minibus)

    3. For a group of up to 25 people – 800 r/person (bus 30 seats)

    4. For a group of up to 40 people – 1200 r/person* (bus 45-50 seats)

    The price includes:

  • transfer by comfortable transport;
  • services of a certified guide;
  • entrance tickets along the route;
  • *for groups of up to 40 people, the rent of radio headphones is additionally included.

    The first stop is the Kazan Kremlin

    The second stop is the Old Tatar Sloboda

    Excursion to the island-city of Sviyazhsk

    We offer to our guests a sightseeing walking tour of Sviyazhsk with a visit to the Museum of the History of Sviyazhsk, Trinity Church, Craft Sloboda. On the territory of the island, guests will get acquainted with stunning architectural monuments, original frescoes of the XVI century, objects of Orthodox culture and history, 37 of which are protected by the state: Assumption Cathedral (XVI century), Church of Constantine and Elena (XVI-XVIII centuries), Trinity Church of John the Baptist (XVI century), St. Sergius Church, Cathedral of the Mother of God "Joy to All the Sorrowing"

    Guests will also see the wooden church of the Holy Trinity, which celebrated 460 years since its foundation in 2011. It was an unprecedented example in world practice of a one-time laying and settlement of a fortress city: it was builded in 4 weeks by the forces of 75 thousand people.

    Visit to the Archaeological Tree Museum.

    The Archaeological Tree Museum is located next to the river port in the lower part of Sviyazhsk. A so-called wet archaeological layer has formed in this place due to the large amount of moisture and lack of oxygen, archaeological objects are preserved in it for a very long time. In Sviyazhsk, the thickness of this layer is three meters. The lower, earliest, part dates back to the second half of the XVI century. Excavations at this site began in 2010, at first the quality and quantity of archaeological finds were not clear, in addition, experts did not know how to preserve them. The authorities of the republic decided to create a museum in 2013, when it became clear that there were a lot of objects in the place of excavation, and there are technologies for their conservation abroad.

    Lunch in a tavern at the Stable yard.

    The restaurant "Tavern" is located on the territory of the ethnographic complex "Stable Yard" on Uspenskaya Street. The menu of the "Tavern" is a combination of Russian, European and Tatar cuisine. In the Tavern you can taste the culinary "feature" of Sviyazhsk – borscht in bread.

    The duration of the tour is 3 hours.  Cost:

    • For a group of up to 5 people – 5800r/person (minivan);
    • For a group of up to 15 people – 2700r/person (minibus);
    • For a group of up to 25 people – 2200 r/person (bus 30 seats);
    • For a group of up to 40 people – 2500 r/person* (bus 45-50 seats).
    The price includes: 
    • transfer by comfortable transport;
    • services of a certified guide;
    • lunch;
    • entrance tickets to the Island and the Archaeological Tree Museum;
    • *for groups of up to 40 people, the rent of radio headphones is additionally included.

    Archaeological Tree Museum

    Tavern at the Stable yard

    Excursion to the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery

    In 30 km from Kazan takes place one of the oldest Russian monasteries — the Raifa Bogoroditsky Monastery (Raifa desert). The monastery was founded in the 17th century. It is located in a protected forest, on the shore of the lake with wonderful beauty. Its archival ensemble, one of the most majestic in the Middle Volga region, has been formed over the centuries.

    It includes:

    Walls and towers of the monastery fence (XVII century);

    Bell tower with the Church of the Archangel Michael (XX century).

    The main shrine of the monastery is the miraculous Georgian image of the Most Holy Mother of God (XVII century). Thousands of people come to share their worries, grief, and pleas for healing. There are many cases of healing from diseases and getting rid of worldly sorrows. The road to the Raifa Monastery goes through the lake "Lebyazhye", a preserved forest with centuries-old pines and fir trees. Duration of the tour: 3 hours (with road).

    Contacts of guides:

    Yulia Smirnova

    +7 (987) 228-43-32

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    You can get familiar with the excursion program here

    Guide contacts

    Kazan Expo

    International Exhibition Center
    and adjacent fields of RACIN JSC
    Republic of Tatarstan, Laishevsky District, Bolshiye Kabany village, Vystavochnaya ul.
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